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US Sailing 2017 PHRF Handbook

NC PHRF Mission
The mission of the North Carolina Performance Handicap Racing Fleet is to provide fair and accurate handicap rating information that allows boats of different types to compete with each other in sailboat racing events.

NC PHRF welcomes rating appeals since they allow ratings to be refined in light of race data.

Is it Time for Time on Time?
Sailing in non-average conditions? Don't know the distance between marks? NC PHRF Chairman, Bill Jarvis, makes the argument for Time on Time PHRF corrections. While a good system all around, Time on Time corrections level the playing field noticably relative to Time on Distance corrections in very light conditions or heavy conditions. Follow the "ToT Article" link on the left sidebar for the full article.

We Need Your Burgees!
No, not the cloth kind. We'd like to include a graphic link to each of the member clubs using their burgees. Send an image graphic (.gif, .jpg, etc.) to harry@preddy.com


What is a PHRF Rating?
The Performance Handicap Racing Fleet, or "PHRF" for short, provides a simple, single number that rates a boat's average performance. Ratings provide a relative handicap based on "time on distance." Boats of different ratings correct by making faster boats (with lower ratings) "owe time" to slower boats (with higher ratings). Click on the Distance vs. Time link on the left sidebar for more on how the rating works.

Ratings are based on observed performance of rated boats. Many production boats are rated. Measurement data is collected only to ensure that we rate the correct model and make the appropriate adjustments. Adjustments to the standard boat, for such variables as propeller type and sail sizes, provide a method of compensation for many minor variables. PHRF ratings are not intended to reflect skipper and crew capability.

Ratings are adjusted for average conditions. For example, heavier boats that tend to perform better in heavy weather may have a lower rating in San Fransisco Bay than on Lake Norman because of the heavier average conditions in San Fransisco Bay.

Register with NC PHRF Today!
Providing a fair, overall scoring system is the goal of the North Carolina Performance Handicap Racing Fleet. We invite you to register your boat to provide fair and objective rating data for your competitions with boats of different makes.

Registration with NC PHRF also allows standard ratings for competition with other clubs that use the NC PHRF standard. Invitational regattas normally ask for a copy of your NC PHRF certificate to maintain standard rating data. Click the Participating Clubs link on the left sidebar for a list of participating clubs and their contact information.

If you are not registered with NC PHRF, take a moment to print out and mail the NC PHRF application by clicking the Rating Application link on the left sidebar. Registration fees are nominal, and certificates will be issued promptly.

Keep an eye on the NC PHRF site as the site has gone on line only recently. News and information will be updated regularly.

Last Updated: Thursday, April 07, 2022